The PSN Pressure switch from Condor USA.


  • Internal pressure transducer 0 to 16 bar
  • Connection of an external pressure transducer, two-wire 4 to 20mA
  • Programmable internal time switch (controls up to 6 profiles)
  • Programmable primary load and load changeover functions, allowing for the primary load compressor to operate without taking part in the rotation process. Only the load changeover compressors are rotated.
  • Programmable ball valve control with max. 3 compressors
  • Direct switchover after the load changeover time has elapsed.
  • Four digital inputs (e.g. for hourmeter )
  • Input: bridge time switch
  • Input: remote release
  • Parameter password protection
  • Units reversible bar/psi
Part No. Order reference Description Weight (in g)


GLW 4 GLW 4 without wiring, enclosure 520


GLW 4-S GLW 4 in pre-wired plastic enclosure, (dimensions: 420x300 x170mm), DIN- Rail mounting, internal terminal blocks and wiring diagram. 2350


GLW 4-SK GLW 4 in pre-wired plastic enclosure, (dimensions: 420x300 x170mm), DIN-Rail mounting, internal terminal blocks and wiring diagram. Additionally wired for 4 compressors: isolator, rotary switch „bridge timer“, rotary switch compressor 1 - 4, indicator lamps for voltage supply and compressors 1 – 4 3550
Technical Operating Data
Permissible operating voltage range UB 90 – 265 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating voltage influence at ± 10% operating voltage fluctuation < 0,1 %
Duty factor ED 100 %
Permissible ambient and media temperature -20°C up to +60°C
Permissible ambient humidity rel. humidity, non-condensing 10 % up to 90 %
CPermissible storage temperature -40°C up to +80°C
Clearance and creepage distances VDE 0110
Working position Any position
Power consumption Control 10 VA
Digital Inputs and Outputs
4 Relay outputs isolated SPDT's 230V-AC; 5 A (AC1)
1 Alarm relay isolated SPDT 230V-AC; 5 A (AC1)
Internal buzzer typical 70dBA
4 digital inputs 250V AC 1 (I11/12 I41/42)
Input 250V-AC1 (I51/52) External release signal
Bridge time switch 250V-AC1 (I61/62)
Analog Interface
Input analogue pressure transducer UB 4…20mA wire 18 – 21V-DC
Integrated pressure transducer With quick connect 0…16 bar
Material ABS flameproof, UL-approved
Mounting snap on 35 mm DIN-rail connector acc. to EN 50 035
Enclosure-protection IP 40
Protection against shock acc. VBG 4
Terminals Cage clamps
Cross section 2,5 mm²
Weight 520 g
Power Section
Series voltage acc. to VDE 0660 and VDE 0110 Group C 250 V-AC
Maximum continuous current per contact 6 A-AC
Maximum switching capacity per contact 1.500 VA (AC) 50 W (DC)
Mechanical life Cycles approx. 1 x 107
Electrical life (max load) Cycles approx. 2 x 105
Measuring Accuracy & Requirements
Input external pressure transducer ± 2% of end value
Internal pressure transducer ± 2% of end value
EM-Directive 89 / 336 / EWG
Low Voltage Directive 73 / 23 / EW

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